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Candle Care Tips

Hello, my lovely readers. Hope you are having a great day. Here is what will make your day even better. A lovely crackling candle that burns in the corner of your room. Well, there is nothing that soothes a soul like a lovely smelling candle that fills the entire room with an aroma. You will definitely feel your mood lift everytime you light up that lovely candle you adore. But how to get the best of the candle everytime? Does your candle seem to lose the beauty of the first burn? If so, you are in the right place. We have gotten the right tips and tricks for you to overcome all your candle problems.

  • Make sure you trim the wick at least for about ¼ inches so that it prevents the risk of uneven burning and flaring. This will also prevent burning and dripping

  • Everytime you light a candle, burn it for a minimum duration of at least 2 to 3 hours until it achieves a full melt pool. This helps avoid tunneling and your candle will last longer. 

  • If you are planning to have multiple candles lit at once, then make sure they are all kept at a distance of 3 inches from one another. This will make sure that they don't melt each other. If the flame of a candle flares too high, extinguish the candles and let them cool before relighting. Always be aware that you don't let your candle be unattended or dont let them burn while you are asleep. Make sure to extinguish it all before you go to sleep. Do not move the candle container with the molten wax. When you burn a candle make sure to leave the last ¼ of it for safety purposes. Do not burn it all the way down to the end. 

    These are the quick tips that you can follow. Candles may be great, but using them with the right precautions will make it a good experience. Follow all the above mentioned rules so that you can enjoy it to the fullest! Have a great day! 

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