Wax Melts : What are they and How to use them?

Wax Melts : What are they and How to use them?

Many people enjoy lighting candles because they create a warm, inviting environment in any area. When most people think of house smells, they think of candles. There are, however, alternative methods to enjoy fragrances besides lighting a candle. Have you ever used wax melts before?


Wax melts are perfumed wax bits that don't have a wick. They are available in a variety of forms and sizes. When a wax melt is cold, it emits a faint aroma; nevertheless, it is supposed to be slowly warmed with a tart or wax warmer. A wax warmer can be electric or utilize a tea lamp as the source of heat.


Wax melts are really simple to use. Simply place one or more of your wax melts in your warmer or Melter. Then light your tea light or, if you have an electric heat warmer, switch it on. You just switch off or remove the heat source after you are through using them, and the wax will harden until you are ready to use it again. Simply switch the warmer back on or light the tea light when you're ready to use it again (depending on which type of warmer you have). 




Used wax can be removed in one of two ways: hot or cold, often known as liquid or hard.

If your warmer has been on and the wax has melted (liquid), absorb the liquid wax with two cotton balls and dispose of them. This approach works well with warmers that don't have a detachable lid or plugins. Wipe away any remaining melted wax with a paper towel once the cotton balls have absorbed it.

To avoid burning your fingers, scrape the wax off the warmer with a scraper and then wipe it clean with a paper towel.

Here's a video showing how to do it



This may seem strange at first, but utilizing your freezer to remove spent wax from your warmer is one of the cleanest methods. Simply freeze your warmer for 10-20 minutes. During this time, the wax will solidify and shrink, causing it to pop out of your wax-Melter. After that, all you have to do is wipe the plate clean with a paper towel and you're good to go. If you're using glass plates, please don't use this approach since it risks shattering them. Changing wax melts is simple and clean with the freezer!

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If you don't have a liner or want a quick and easy way to remove wax from your warmer, a ribbon or a piece of string would do. It is preferable to use a ribbon since it is larger and hence less prone to shatter the wax. 

Drop a ribbon or piece of string into the liquid wax once you've savored the delicious smells of your wax melts and your warmer is merely liquid. Allow the wax to cool and set before removing the solid portion with the ribbon. Pick out the shattered bits if the wax splits. After that, wipe down your warmer with a paper towel and you're good to go!

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What Are the Best Wax Melts and Which Ones Should I Avoid?

Wax melts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common wax melts are made of paraffin wax or soy wax. Paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, should be avoided. Always use a 100 percent natural soy wax melt. They burn cleaner than paraffin and last longer in general.

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